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Break Open Your Box

Piecing Your Life Together for a Time Such as This

We have been given the most precious gift—life. What we choose to do with it is ultimately up to us. We are all uniquely created. God has a mission designed for each one of us; that includes you. Break Open Your Box invites you on a journey to better discover yourself and your purpose as you piece your life together. You will be introduced to the secrets of living a meaningful life through seeking God, making connections with others, and finding the right perspective. Once you realize your potential, you will be closer than ever to achieving personal fulfillment. What’s more, with your renewed, infectious spirit, you will blaze a trail for others to follow.


A note from the editor:

In this work, the author delves into a timeless question, What does it take to achieve happiness and personal fulfillment? Drawing upon life experiences, wisdom from previous generations, and biblical truths, the writer shares the secrets of a meaningful life, encouraging readers to seek God through scripture, listen to those who have traveled life’s road before them, and seek personal connections with those around them while maintaining a positive outlook.